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Episode #46 – Gee Timbol 702 Shifters

On Episode #46: On today’s episode we welcome Gee Timbol. This week we dive into the life of a cancer survivor who discovered a new life through multisport. Gee Timbol continues to crush through the peaks and valleys of her life … Read More

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Episode #45 – Huskinopolis

On Episode #45: On today’s episode we welcome Huskinopolis. Huskinopolis, born Jason Huskey in Chicago Illinois, is a music producer and performance artist. Huskinopolis got his start in music at the age of nine and has performed in venues across the … Read More

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Episode #44 – Sabotage Cycling

On Episode #44: On today’s episode we welcome Clay, Lance, and Taylor. These are the guys behind the Sabotage Cycling brand. We spent 4 days eating cycling for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the Sabotage crew and friends at Camp Kanabotage. … Read More

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Episode #43 – Ian Nappier

On Episode #43: On today’s episode we welcome Inventor, Founder and CEO of Power Toothpaste, Ian Nappier. Power Toothpaste is the first toothpaste to contain caffeine. Unlike coffee, which takes up to an hour to fully absorb through the stomach, … Read More

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Episode #42 – Shireen Yates

On Episode #42: Shireen Yates is co-founder and CEO of Nima. She has been leading a gluten-free diet for the past eight years due to multiple food allergies. After pursuing an MBA from MIT Sloan, she decided to pursue her … Read More

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Episode #41 – Kevin Summers

On Episode #41: Tenacity is in Kevin’s DNA. Tune in to listen to his journey from 300 lbs to 178 lbs powered by never giving up and a bike. We chat about his approach to nutrition and racing that has … Read More

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Episode #40 – Epoy Timbol

On Episode #40: Epoy shares his origin story that started in the Philippines. Epoy was thown into his first race at the age of 13 and has not stopped since. Epoy swims, bikes and runs everyday all day. Don’t miss this … Read More

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8 Tips to Finish a Century Ride With a Smile.

So you’ve got a big century ride coming up, it might be a Gran Fondo, or charity ride, whatever the case may be here are some nutrition guidelines to help you go the distance and maximize your performance. First things … Read More

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Episode #39 – Nancy Jones

On Episode #39: Nancy Jones is first and foremost, a mom. One of those annoying FB mothers that thinks if THEIR kid sneezes, it’s changing the rotation of the earth and utterly brilliant. Next, Nancy is an endurance coach and fitness … Read More

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Episode #37 – Trevor and Joe

On Episode #37:  Trevor and Joe are Caliber-SBR Cycling p/b LHM Lexus Lindon road captain and manager respectively. These Utah cyclists lay it out all on the line on this week’s episode. Cycling stories, training strategies, sleeping in cars, and … Read More

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