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Episode #51 – Eladio Canibano

On Episode #51: Eladio Canibano aka “el Toro” is from Northen Spain and now resides in Las Vegas. On this episode we chat about Maradona, Ñ, the king of Spain and how camaraderie is born on the bike. Cycling is … Read More

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Episode #50 – Nick Killian

On Episode #50: Nick Killian was introduced to triathlons to save his life. “Depression had taken hold of my life, and I found myself in a downward spiral feeling unable to come out of a dark hole. My parents in an … Read More

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David Zabriskie

Episode #49 – Dave Zabriskie

On Episode #49: He’s a man with many nicknames like Captin America, the Green Hornet, DZ, DZNuts, and Zup. Here’s a new one from us at Fuelixir…Lion Heart. On this episode, we have a candid exchange of words of Dave Zabriskie. … Read More

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Ft 48

Episode #48 – Chelsea Dora Turner

On Episode #48: On today’s episode we welcome Chelsea Dora Turner. This week we dive into how lights her own beacon toward the AgTech frontier. Chelsea started experimenting with microgreens inside her 600 SqFt apartment in Las Vegas. Her explorative … Read More

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Victorine Deych

Episode #47 – Victorine Deych

On Episode #47: On today’s episode we welcome Victorine Deych. This week we dive into how and why you want to consider injecting yourself with wellbeing. Yes, we said wellbeing. We talk about a hot topic in the underground conversations … Read More

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FT 46

Episode #46 – Gee Timbol 702 Shifters

On Episode #46: On today’s episode we welcome Gee Timbol. This week we dive into the life of a cancer survivor who discovered a new life through multisport. Gee Timbol continues to crush through the peaks and valleys of her life … Read More

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Episode #45 – Huskinopolis

On Episode #45: On today’s episode we welcome Huskinopolis. Huskinopolis, born Jason Huskey in Chicago Illinois, is a music producer and performance artist. Huskinopolis got his start in music at the age of nine and has performed in venues across the … Read More

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Episode #44 – Sabotage Cycling

On Episode #44: On today’s episode we welcome Clay, Lance, and Taylor. These are the guys behind the Sabotage Cycling brand. We spent 4 days eating cycling for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the Sabotage crew and friends at Camp Kanabotage. … Read More

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Episode #43 – Ian Nappier

On Episode #43: On today’s episode we welcome Inventor, Founder and CEO of Power Toothpaste, Ian Nappier. Power Toothpaste is the first toothpaste to contain caffeine. Unlike coffee, which takes up to an hour to fully absorb through the stomach, … Read More

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Episode #42 – Shireen Yates

On Episode #42: Shireen Yates is co-founder and CEO of Nima. She has been leading a gluten-free diet for the past eight years due to multiple food allergies. After pursuing an MBA from MIT Sloan, she decided to pursue her … Read More

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