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Episode #58 – Viola Brand

On Episode #58: Episode 58: This week on Fueltalk we get to meet Viola Brand, a professional artistic cyclist from Stuttgart, Germany. Viola is the vice-world champion in artistic cycling a sport governed by the UCI. Together we chat about … Read More

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Episode #57 – Team Africa Rising

On Episode #57: On this episode, we get to meet three humans from the cycling world. I had the privilege to chat with Kim, Jock and Bonaventu from Team Africa Rising. Kim forms part of the management team for Africa Rising … Read More

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Episode #56 – Dray Gardner

On Episode #56: Dray is known in Las Vegas as the creator and leader of Silent Savasana. Through my eyes, Dray is leading the mindfulness revolution in Las Vegas by throwing parties with his friends and inviting all of Vegas to … Read More

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Maite Mejean

Episode #55 – Maïté Méjean

On Episode #55: Maïté was born and raised in the south of France. Ever since her father introduced her to swimming at a young age Maïté’s summers were spent in the water. With a little nudge from her mother in … Read More

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Episode #54 – Michael Epstein

On Episode #54: What is your response when people ask you “How are you today?” Michael Epstein’s innate response is “never better.” After meeting Michael there is no doubt in my soul that a giving heart attracts other giving hearts. For … Read More

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Episode #53 – James Emery

On Episode #53: When was the last time you experienced a life milestone? The Boston Marathon 2017 marked an impactful and lasting experience for James and his family. Cycling is in his veins and running is his spirit. This week James … Read More

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Episode #52 – Casey Halstead

On Episode #52: Would you let the dynamics of a complicated upbringing derail your future? What does a father, husband, business owner, mentor, coach and YouYuber look like? Meet Casey Halstead. Casey is the owner of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu … Read More

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Episode #51 – Eladio Canibano

On Episode #51: Eladio Canibano aka “el Toro” is from Northen Spain and now resides in Las Vegas. On this episode we chat about Maradona, Ñ, the king of Spain and how camaraderie is born on the bike. Cycling is … Read More

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Episode #50 – Nick Killian

On Episode #50: Nick Killian was introduced to triathlons to save his life. “Depression had taken hold of my life, and I found myself in a downward spiral feeling unable to come out of a dark hole. My parents in an … Read More

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David Zabriskie

Episode #49 – Dave Zabriskie

On Episode #49: He’s a man with many nicknames like Captin America, the Green Hornet, DZ, DZNuts, and Zup. Here’s a new one from us at Fuelixir…Lion Heart. On this episode, we have a candid exchange of words of Dave Zabriskie. … Read More

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