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Nate Dunn

Devotion Frees Episode 64 with Nate Dunn the Data Driven Athlete:

This week on Devotion Frees we drop into flow with Nate Dunn.

Nate actually bought his first heart monitor as a student in high school. While exercise technology rode Moore’s Law exponential growth Nate was ecstatic throughout high school, college, and graduate school as he watched how technology enabled him to capture more and more data for his analysis. Coupled with his love for data was Nate’s life-long passion for teaching.  Teaching high school students will remain one of Nate’s greatest experiences in his life.

Nate strongly feels that data and science can be impactful tools for progress, but they pale in comparison to the knowledge that a coach is rooting for you and investing in your success.  It was these early experiences in the classroom that shaped much of who Nate is as a coach today.

With a background in education and a love for data, Nate started his cycling coaching company Data Driven Athlete in 2010 based on these principles.

  • An understanding of Exercise Science empowers a coach to make better training decisions.
  • Athletes get better when they use data to inform training decisions on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • A coaching relationship built on trust is more impactful than the perfect training plan.  We are always humans first and athletes second.

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