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Chrissy Blair Kalumi Health

Devotion Frees Episode 66 with Chrissy Blair:

This week on Devotion Frees we drop into flow with Chrissy Blair the Co-founder of Kalumi Health. Some believe getting an MBA will mark a path to purposeful careers yet learning processes, supply chain management, relationships, branding, and execution are tested and refined infield. Chrissy is a great example of someone who is hardworking, focused, 100% mission-driven and most importantly devoted to her new venture. Even though correlations between endurance sports athletes and business owners are plentiful there’s one performance component that is difficult to access, mental performance. Chrissy is developing her mental endurance strength and one that is inspiring a lot of entrepreneurs out there especially for young ladies who want to carve out a business path for themselves. It takes a lot of courage and grit to keep going.

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