danny walters

On Episode #3: Vegas Bike Store mechanic Danny Walters joins us at Holley’s Cuppa. Listen in as we get Danny’s perspective on the Vegas cycling scene,  and get into some other cool topics like customer service, music, entrepreneurship, and Strava! Make sure to check out all the cool links and info below that we mention in the show this week. Especially make sure to check out Danny’s exclusive playlist, try it out for your next trainer workout!

Listen to the show: On iTunes or on Soundcloud


Danny’s Spotify playlist.

Danny’s Soundcloud “deepspacemoonjumpa”.

Sabotage Cycling.

Special shoutout to Jason Huskey, check out his Soundcloud here.

Check out the Holley’s Cuppa website and their Facebook, thanks for the free cookie samples, they were outrageous!


Favorite music of the moment mentioned in the show by the hosts and guests…


Danny : Glass Animals – Gooey (Gilligan Moss Remix)


Kasra: Baroness


Pablo: Students of Decay


Scott: Galaxie 500

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