David Zabriskie

On Episode #49: He’s a man with many nicknames like Captin America, the Green Hornet, DZ, DZNuts, and Zup. Here’s a new one from us at Fuelixir…Lion Heart. On this episode, we have a candid exchange of words of Dave Zabriskie. In the end, we can say Dave just wants to enjoy life. Of course, he is a retired professional road bike cyclist, time trialist, mountain biker and cement shredder. We know all know this side of DZ. Nowadays, the Dave we talked too is all heart and in search of something more than a check for riding. From Grand Tour specialist to life shredder. Tune in this week for an exclusive chat with Dave Zabriskie.

Dave is famous for:

– Humor
– Stoic looks
– Action Figures
– Having fun

Oh Yeah and he’s crushed a few of earth’s top races like..
– Tour de France
– Giro d’Italia
– Tour of California
– Tour of Utah

Listen to the show: 

Extras: Check out some of Dave’s ventures and collaborations


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