On Episode #50: Nick Killian was introduced to triathlons to save his life. “Depression had taken hold of my life, and I found myself in a downward spiral feeling unable to come out of a dark hole. My parents in an attempt to save my life sent me to Telos, a residential treatment program for youth like me. It was at Telos where I was introduced to the sport of Triathlons. It gave me the chance to workout and race against myself and peers. After working out, I would feel so happy, and at peace with myself. In March of 2016 I competed in my first triathlon and Won! I was hooked.

A couple months ago I discovered Youth Champions Charity, where I learned that all too often youth my age are unable to attend treatment because their family cannot afford treatment. Youth just like me who battle suicidal thoughts, and depression cannot afford the treatment they deserve.

I want to make a difference.

I want to give others the same opportunity I was given.”

– Nick K.

Nick K. has qualified for the 2017 USA Triathlon National Championships. He currently attends a therapeutic boarding school and has seen first hand how beneficial therapy can be for teenagers in need. Nick has made it his goal to raise $5,000 for Youth Champions Charity. Nick’s goal is to not only raise money but also awareness for those who cannot afford treatment.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth 15-24, Nick’s goal is to do everything he can to help give others a fighting chance as he partners with Youth Champions Charity.


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