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On Episode #56: Dray is known in Las Vegas as the creator and leader of Silent Savasana. Through my eyes, Dray is leading the mindfulness revolution in Las Vegas by throwing parties with his friends and inviting all of Vegas to go within. Silent Savanna’s are mass gatherings where each class teaches balance, discipline, focus, determination and strength of mind. During class, participants wear state-of-the-art LED headsets which transmit Dray’s voice and a carefully curated music playlist, allowing for a completely personal experience.

Today we will explore the world of a mindfulness revolutionary. Dray has developed a formula to break down mental barriers while practicing yoga.  In today’s Las Vegas, locals have what seems to be infinite options to excite our senses but Dray’s offering is what the world needs. If the goal of this podcast is to explore creativity, heart intelligence and the discovery of flow state then we have to find out who is Dray Gardner.

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