Devotion Frees

Devotion Frees

On Episode #59:

Barrett was born and raised in South Florida. She never was a very athletic kid (tho she tried it ALL), she went snowboarding for the first time at age 14. After returning home, she wanted to be a pro snowboarder but her mom told Barrett to pick anything else because the nearest mountain was 12 hours away and they weren’t moving. That’s when Barrett discovered wakeboarding. 4 years later, Barrett turned pro and was consistently ranked one of the top 10 women in the world. In 2010, Barrett began to transition into another chapter in her life and moved to Los Angeles where she took up stunts and acting for a while. Barrett finally transitioned into producing TV shows in 2013 and recently she feels like she’s finally finding success in her life after a long career in action sports. Barrett has produced TV shows for the likes of FOX, MTV, CNBC, HLN, Go90, Snapchat and more. Barrett’s background in action sports and her new career as a filmmaker finally pushed her to create the documentary film, Life After X, about the evolution of the action sports industry and its athletes after they’ve retired.

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