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According to some, not only can you have a beautiful, herbaceous garden, it can also double as a forest of sports nutrition!

We’re not saying you should transplant some of Grandma’s rhododendrons and meal prep them, but including some greenery in your nutritional plan might be worth some extra thought.

The supplement industry is constantly on the lookout for the next best thing, and spices, herbs and flowers seem like they’re next on the list of “miracle” supplements: turmeric, cinnamon, green tea, edible flowers, ginseng, comfrey, rhodiola, asparagus root and more.

What’s the miracle element? Supposedly, many of these plants contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, anti-tumor, and energy-boosting elements which provide athletes with an additional advantage, without having to be regulated by the FDA or WADA.

Some of them do have some credence! Green tea and cinnamon have the most scientific backing of having successful or effective benefits, such as moderating blood glucose levels, providing energy boosts in the form of caffeine, and, in the case of green tea, providing antioxidants, while maybe even increasing fat burn during exercise.

But, just remember that any amount of “some result” is better than “no result,” which is where most of these spices, flowers or greenery lie on the legitimate-research-list.  Plus, the amounts of which these are recommended may already be amounts that you’re using in daily cooking or eating.

The good thing is, even if you aren’t getting the amazing results that you wish you were, many of these herbs don’t produce any negative effects. Meaning, they’re probably a lot safer to experiment with than many other chemically-made supplements you can find in vitamin and supplement stores (always consult your doctor or nutritionist first though!). Want to give it a try?  The Vega Sport Pre Workout Energy drink will be featured in Fuelixir boxes upon launch.  It provides a gentle energy boost from green tea, anti-inflammatory support from turmeric, and better concentration from ginseng.

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