sweet potato toast

One of the most common complaints we hear from both professional and recreational endurance athletes is that they don’t have the time to cook, or they think that cooking is too difficult. If you fall into that camp then the “Cookin’ Ain’t Hard” series is for you. Quick, simple, easy recipes designed with minimal prep time as well as a minimal ingredients for your convenience. We also provide some extra time saving tips along the way.

Sweet Potato Toast


  • Sweet Potato


  • Cut sweet potato into discs (as shown), or into bread like slices using the whole length of the potato, about 1/4 inch thick
  • Put slices of sweet potato into a toaster
  • Toast on the highest setting, repeat until slies start to brown
  • Add your toppings (below) and and enjoy!

Serving Suggestions

  • Treat it like normal toast, add peanut butter, tuna salad, avocado, cheese, eggs, cream cheese. The options are really limitless.
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