Devotion Frees

Devotion Frees Episode #63 with Sabine Seymour

Devotion Frees Episode 63 with Sabine Seymour: This week on Devotion Frees we drop into flow with Sabine Seymour. Sabine CEO of SUPA, is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, author of three books on the topic of fashion + technology, the … Read More

Devotion Frees

Devotion Frees Episode #62 with Mark Weimer

Devotion Frees Episode 62 with Mark Weimer: This week on Devotion Frees we drop into flow with Mark Weimer. Mark Weimer is a living legend making things happen in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mark Joanne and their team are shifting the … Read More

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Episode #57 – Team Africa Rising

On Episode #57: On this episode, we get to meet three humans from the cycling world. I had the privilege to chat with Kim, Jock and Bonaventu from Team Africa Rising. Kim forms part of the management team for Africa Rising … Read More

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Episode #56 – Dray Gardner

On Episode #56: Dray is known in Las Vegas as the creator and leader of Silent Savasana. Through my eyes, Dray is leading the mindfulness revolution in Las Vegas by throwing parties with his friends and inviting all of Vegas to … Read More

Maite Mejean

Episode #55 – Maïté Méjean

On Episode #55: Maïté was born and raised in the south of France. Ever since her father introduced her to swimming at a young age Maïté’s summers were spent in the water. With a little nudge from her mother in … Read More