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Lynn Cloete McMullan @ Leoné Café

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David Spicer @ Spicer Ranch

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Nathan Grill @ Speed Vegas

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Doug Allen @ Sambalatte
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Tony Rago @ The Cuppa
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Cascade Classic Recap with Joseph Garey
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Joseph Garey @ PublicUs
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Jed Schneider @ Sunrise Coffee
indoor vs outdoor cycling

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Jared Joerger @ Dutch Bros. Coffee
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Ex Fat Guy @ Wake Up Coffee

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episode 3

Episode #3

Danny Walters @ Holley's Cuppa
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Episode #2

Lisa Leonard @ Grouchy John's

Episode #1

Carefast Storck @ PublicUs

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With FUELTALK we speak with a diverse range of individuals to find out what drives them delivering a unique listening experience like no other.

What fuels a pro athlete to go the extra mile in training and reach the top spot on the podium?  

What fuels an entrepreneur to keep going the distance when met with challenge after challenge while running a successful business?

What fuels the performance coach or nutritionist to dig deep into data and the latest literature to provide success for their clients?

What fuels a father of three with a demanding job to train 6 days a week and compete in Ironman?

With FUELTALK we find out, and we find out from people of all ages, from all different places, with different goals and objectives, but who share one thing in common…. a passion for endurance sports.