The Fuelixir Mission

unlocking the power of activity data


What you eat and drink before, during, and after exercise can have a profound effect. With smart nutrition choices surrounding workouts one can achieve greater gains via enhanced performance, body composition improvements, and maybe most importantly by having a more enjoyable workout experience!

But sports nutrition is not simple, and the science behind it complex. There are a staggering number of products on the market, each with different and unique ingredients, each claiming to offer performance benefits. In addition, quality sports nutrition products are not commonly available on the shelves of local grocery store aisles. High-end supermarkets, speciality sports stores, and nutritional supplement retail chains offer some products, but the staff lack knowledge and are unlikely to take the time to understand each individual’s requirements and preferences.

Internet retailers have made it easy to purchase sports nutrition online, but again, there is no guidance on how to choose products. Some of these retailers have attempted to make buying sports nutrition more convenient by offering a subscription service, but the timing of delivery is usually fixed at monthly intervals. This is not ideal, as workout volumes for each individual can vary greatly due to training cycles, event preparation, injuries, and illness.



In this age of the quantified-self, technology allows us to gather masses of data about ourselves via mobile applications and wearable devices. Surely this data can be leveraged to help individuals optimize their nutrition. Introducing, Fuelixir. Personalized, smart, and convenient.

PERSONALIZED – Fuelixir provides customers the ability to connect their fitness tracking profiles to our platform and takes the guesswork out of buying sports nutrition. Fuelixir analyzes activity data, assesses results from a short survey, and recommends a selection of products in a neat subscription plan that’s delivered according to each individual’s workout volumes.

SMART – Fuelixir engages with customers, learning more about their activities and nutritional preferences on an ongoing basis. Utilizing data analysis techniques and drawing from the latest in research, nutrition advice is provided helping each customer get the most out of their workouts by practicing smart nutrition strategies.

CONVENIENT – Our customer need not worry about last minute grocery store trips or scavenging their pantry to find fuel for their workouts. Consumption and volumes are continually monitored so a new box is only sent when needed. Not too early, not too late. Convenient and cost-efficient.



Fuelixir’s ultimate goal is to make buying and practicing sports nutrition simple. We are passionate about understanding individual variation and building strong customer relationships. The science and research is out there, and everyone should be able to benefit from it. With a smart and highly data-driven approach, Fuelixir achieves this.




Pablo Quiroga

CEO & Founder

Danny Walters

Sales & Events Manager

Jed Schneider

Director of Engineering

Kasra Ghaharian

Advisor & Co-Founder